Duplicated reports in Word (*.doc and *.docx)

In order to eliminate duplicated Word documents in DocShuttle, make sure the transcriptionist(s) are saving files using your preferred MS Word extension (*.doc or *.docx). For example, if your templates are in *.doc format (Word 97-2003) but a transcriptionist is using a *.docx format (Word 2007 or later) it will create duplicate documents because DocShuttle is trying to convert the files to the appropriate format.

The transcriptionist(s) need to "customize how documents are saved" in MS Word to match your desired format. In MS Word 2013, go to File | Options | Save. Under the Save documents section, change the "Save files in this format" from *.docx to *.doc.

For MS Word 2007 or 2010, see the following FAQ:

If you continue to have issues, please email or call (844) 292-4252.

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