DocShuttle Express Transcription Software

DocShuttle Express is a transcription software program designed to manage voice files and text documents.  DocShuttle Express works together with the Bytescribe WavPlayer and Microsoft Word to create a complete transcription environment.  The software guides the user through the process of listening to dictation, capturing header information, creating Word documents from templates and exporting completed documents. 

DocShuttle Express is intended as a personal file management system for a single user.  DocShuttle Express does not have any file transfer capabilities.  For secure file transfer capability and complete transcription workflow, see Bytescribe's web site for information about the DocShuttle Internet Transcription Software.

Importing Sound Files

Sound files can be imported into DocShuttle Express by specifying an import folder or by dragging and dropping files from Windows Explorer.  To drag and drop files, resize DocShuttle Express and Windows Explorer windows so that both are visible on the screen.  Select files from Windows Explorer by holding down the Ctrl key and click the files you wish to select.  Hold down the left mouse button on one of the selected files and drag the files from Windows Explorer into DocShuttle Express.  Once the mouse cursor is over the DocShuttle Express window, release the mouse button and the files will be imported.

Custom Settings

DocShuttle Express allows the user to specify an input voice file directory and an output documents directory.  Two miscellaneous field names may be defined to capture additional report information.  An option can be checked to specify whether Microsoft Word documents should be created when double-clicking voice files in DocShuttle Express.  The custom settings window is shown below.

Creating Microsoft Word Documents from Templates

DocShuttle Express allows the user to fill report information into a form that will automatically be merged into a Microsoft Word template.  Microsoft Word must be installed on the same computer with DocShuttle Express to use this feature.  A sample is shown below.

All templates are fully customizable and header information merges directly into the document. 

Tracking and Managing Files

DocShuttle Express guides the user through the transcription process of a dictation report.  Double-clicking on a file in the DocShuttle Express window will move the report through each stage of the process.  Clicking on a new file will load the voice file in WavPlayer and open the File Properties window to enter header information.  Upon completing the form, a Microsoft Word document is created from the selected template.  All header information is automatically merged into the document.  The transcriptionist simply completes the Word document while listening to the voice dictation in WavPlayer.  Once the Word document is completed, clicking on the same file in the DocShuttle Express window will export the completed document to a specified folder.  The status of each job is updated during the process.  If the user is not using Microsoft Word, the voice files can still be managed in a similar fashion.  The diagram below shows the statuses of voice files and text documents during the transcription process.

Status tracking voice files
and Word documents

Status tracking voice files only

Creating Custom Reports

DocShuttle Express also has custom reporting features that create reports based on selected criteria. Reports may included Microsoft Word statistical information such as page, line, word and character counts.  There is also a search feature to find records based on search criteria. 

Deleting Files

Files may be deleted from DocShuttle Express by selecting the files and pressing the DEL key on the keyboard.  Only files marked as 'Completed' can be deleted.  Files marked as 'New' will not be deleted.  An alternate method is to right-mouse-click on a file and select Delete from the popup menu that appears. 

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