How do I "update" the DocShuttle software?

To update DocShuttle to the latest version follow the steps below:

1. First verify your current version, by selecting the Help menu then About. If you do not have Version 6.1.2, please go to Step 2.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are updating the software, please make sure you know (or copy) your FTP settings first. During an upgrade, the FTP settings may be reset to the default inputs. To verify your current FTP settings, go to the Tools menu, select Settings, then view the FTP tab. To view the passwords in the "Password" and "Encryption password" fields, simply double-click the *** symbols.

2. Next select "Help | Check for Updates" to receive the latest update for the DocShuttle software. Then verify the version again as in step #1. If it did not update to the latest version, it may be possible that some security settings or firewall prevent you from downloading or installing the update. If so, download the Service Pack from the following link:

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