How many calls will my broadband Internet connection support?

The number of calls that can be supported depends on the bandwidth of your Internet connection.  A single call uses 64kb/s upload and download.  So a broadband connection with 256kb upload/download will support 4 lines.  A T1 line with 1.5MB upload/download will support 24 lines.  This assumes no other Internet bandwidth is used for other applications.  Below is a chart showing how many lines a broadband connection will support.


Use the speed test on Vonage's web site to determine your broadband speed.



256K x 1.5m

4 lines

144K x 144K

2 lines

192k x 192k

3 lines
384k x 384k 6 lines
768k x 768k 12 lines
1.0m x 1.0m 16 lines
1.5m x 1.5m 24 lines

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