iShuttle Dictate App Log-in Settings

In order to use the iShuttle Dictate app, you will need a Dictator log-in ID set up with our WebShuttle service.  You will use the dictator ID and password to enter into the app to connect and upload your voice files to the WebShuttle web platform.  The iShuttle Dictate app will prompt you to enter the log-in information when you open the app, or you can permanently have them set.  We recommend that you set them permanently by going to the Settings window on your device and select the iShuttle Dictate menu option.  There you can enter your default settings so that they will be stored permanently.  Once you have this set, you will be ready to dictate files and upload them to the WebShuttle site where they can be accessed through a web browser. 

Please view our product video for our iShuttle Dictate app for further information.   

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