How is eShuttle different from DocShuttle?

Bytescribe's eShuttle is a secure system of sending dictation and transcription files using email. DocShuttle uses FTP to transmit files. So while DocShuttle sends files to an FTP site for retrieval by a transcriptionist, eShuttle sends the files directly to a selected transcriptionist.

Because of this difference, eShuttle only needs two pieces of software – eShuttle Dictate and eShuttle Transcribe – instead of the three pieces needed by DocShuttle: DocShuttle Administrator, DocShuttle Dictator, and DocShuttle Transcriptionist.

So eShuttle is less expensive to implement. However, it does not provide the management capabilities that DocShuttle does. We normally recommend eShuttle for situations with a single transcriptionist, and we recommend DocShuttle for situations that require active management of files or of multiple transcriptionists.

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