Can I import and send .ds2 files using eShuttle Dictate?

The .ds2 file format is a new audio file format created by Olympus handheld recorders.  To import and send these files in eShuttle Dictate, you will need to add this file format as an additional supported sound file extension.  You will need to do the following:

1.  Click "Tools | Settings" from the eShuttle menu and select the "Local" tab.
2.  Add ".ds2" to the setting for "Additional supported sound file extensions".

If the transcriptionist receiving these files will be using eShuttle Transcribe, she will need to do the same in the eShuttle Transcribe settings.  Also, if the transcriptionist is using Bytescribe WavPlayer, she should select "Help | Check for Updates" from the WavPlayer menu to ensure that she has the latest updates in order to play .ds2 files.

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