How do I use the electronic signature feature in WebShuttle?

Dictator users can electronically sign documents to show that they have received, reviewed, and approved them. This signature changes the status of the file from Uploaded (U) to eSigned (S), and puts a line at the end of the document showing that the file was signed.

To electronically sign a document, log into WebShuttle with a Dictator user account (Administrators and Transcriptionist users cannot sign the documents). Make sure that you can view documents in the main WebShuttle window, and find the document that you want to sign. It should be marked with a U, for Uploaded status (only Uploaded files can be signed).

Click on the file name to go to WebShuttle's File Status window. It is recommended that you download and review the file at this point, if you have not done so already. Once you are ready to sign the document, click on the button labeled eSign File. This will sign the file, changing the status and entering the signature line.

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