How do I run billing reports and invoices in WebShuttle?

To run reports, log into WebShuttle as an Administrator user. On the main screen, click on the Reports menu at the top and select Custom Reports. This will take you to the Custom Reports page of WebShuttle.

The Custom Reports page is a form that allows you to create a report and to select your criteria for narrowing down the information. You can enter a specific value (like a name or a date) into any of the following fields:

  • File Name
  • Job Type
  • Status
  • Dictator
  • Transcriptionist
  • Location Code

You can also select different types of formats, including Report Type (Standard or Grouping), which files to display (All, Documents only, or Dictation audio files only), Output Format (PDF, .txt, or .csv), and date options.

To create an invoice with billing amounts, check the box at the bottom of the form that is labeledInclude Billing Amounts. Checking this box will open up two additional boxes: Characters per Lineand Cost per Line. Enter your preferred values into these boxes to create a custom invoice.

Once you have made your selections for your report, click the Run Report button. This will create the report in a popup box. If you have popup blockers in place, you will need to tell it to allow popups The popup document can be saved, and the .txt and .cvs documents can be edited just like regular text. popup pdf

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    How do we set up billing for VBC and ASCII counts and Stat dictation files


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