How do I transcribe documents in WebShuttle?

There are several ways to transcribe documents or upload documents into WebShuttle. They are listed below.

1. Use the DocShuttle Transcriptionist Plugin.  When you're logged into WebShuttle as a transcriptionist, you can select "Plugin | Install Transcription Plugin" from the menu.  This will install the DocShuttle Transcriptionist Plugin onto your computer. The software has all the software functions of DocShuttle including templates, Microsoft Word integration, and batch uploading of files.  For more information, view the DocShuttle Transcriptionist video from the following link:

2.  If you have DocShuttle Transcriptionist software, you can use the same steps as mentioned above with the plug-in.  All files uploaded through DocShuttle will automatically appear in WebShuttle.  If you can download the full version of DocShuttle transcriptionist at:

3. You can download voice files from WebShuttle and then upload completed documents back to WebShuttle using the following steps:

a. Click the link to the dictation file name in WebShuttle.

b. Click the "Download File" button from the "File Details" window to download the audio file.

c. Transcribe the audio file into Microsoft Word offline.

d. Click the "Attachments" button from the "File Details" window in WebShuttle.  Use the "Upload File" button to upload completed documents into WebShuttle.

4. Type the transcription reports directly online using the following steps:

a. Click the link to the dictation file name in WebShuttle.

b. Fill in the appropriate fields from the "File Details" window.

c. Click the "New Document" button from the "File Details" window.

d. Type the transcribed document into the online editor in WebShuttle.

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