What is the pricing for WebShuttle Premium? What are the setup costs? What are the ongoing costs?

Full WebShuttle pricing can be found on our website here:

Setup costs are $10 per call-in ID.

Ongoing costs are $10 per month, per web login. This includes one login of one type (Admin, Dictator, or Transcriptionist), and 250 MB of online storage.

Each additional web login costs $10 per month. Additional online storage is $25 per month for each addition 250 MB.

If you choose to have your dictators use our call-in system, then the additional cost is essentially:

  • 0-4999 min. per month: 15 cents per minute
  • 5000-11,999 min. per month: 13 cents per minute
  • 12,000+ min. per month: 10 cents per minute

Please see the pricing page for details

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