When I connect my Olympus recorder to the docking station or USB cable, a window appears showing various folders appears. How can I stop this from happening?

When using Olympus handheld recorders with DocShuttle software, sometimes a window may appear showing various folders that exists on the recorder. This is due to the AutoPlay feature in Windows. Since many Olympus recorders also act as a storage device, the storage folders may appear when connecting the recorder to the docking station or USB cable.

To disable this feature, connect the handheld recorder to the docking station.  Then click the Start button in Windows and then double-click on My Computer.  Find the drive letter for the Olympus recorder.  It is often named something like "Removable Disk (E:) ". Then right mouse click on the selected drive letter and select Properties from the pop-up menu.  From the Properties window, select the AutoPlay tab.  Then assign "Take No Action" to the AutoPlay function.

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