During setup, I can see files on my Orator system, but no files appear in the Export Utility. What's wrong?

First, the Export Utility can only see New and Stat files. If the files on the Orator system are marked as Complete, Pending, or Aborted, then they will not show up in the Export Utility window.

Second, if the files are marked New or Stat, go to the Export Utility window, click on the View menu and select Refresh. If the files on the Orator have been recorded since the last time the Export Utility ran a conversion, then the Export Utility may just not see those files yet. If this is the case, then refreshing the window will cause the files to appear.

Third, if refreshing does not work, then most likely the Input Directory path is incorrect. In Export Utility, click on the View menu and select Directories. This will bring up the Directories window, which has two columns. The left column lists the Input Directories, which is where you tell the Export Utility where to look for new files. The right column lists the Output Directories, which is where Export Utility saves the converted files.

1. In Directories window, click inside one of the path boxes in the Input Directories column

2. Select the entire path in that box, right-click, and choose Copy
3. Click on the Start menu and select Run to bring up the Run window
4. Right-click in the box there and select Paste to put the Input Directory path into the box
5. Click the OK button in the Run window

What should appear is a Windows Explorer window that shows the .vox files on the Orator. If other folders or files appear, then the pathname is incorrect. Check the Export Utility Support page for help in getting the path right, or else call Bytescribe Orator support at 408-987-5628.

If the .vox files do appear, then most likely the two computers were disconnected from each other. In this case, the steps you just took have reconnected the two computers, and the Export Utility should work fine now. Go back to the Export Utility window, click the View menu, and select Refresh. The files should show up.

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