The system was working fine yesterday, but now I have New/Stat files on the Orator that are not showing up in the Export Utility. What happened?

1. In the Export Utility, click on the View menu and select Directories

2. In Directories window, click inside one of the path boxes in the Input Directories column
3. Select the entire path in that box, right-click, and choose Copy
4. Click on the Start menu and select Run to bring up the Run window
5. Right-click in the box there and select Paste to put the Input Directory path into the box
6. Click the OK button in the Run window

What should appear is a Windows Explorer window that shows the .vox files on the Orator. If you get an error message, then there may be a networking issue between the two computers. Please contact your local IT specialist for help in reconnecting the network.

If other files or folders appear, then the drive letter for your drive mapping may have changed. Please contact your local IT specialist for help in resetting the drive letter.

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