How do I configure the Bytescribe Export Utility and DocShuttle Administrator Version 6 to work with my Orator Dictation System?

1.  Create a folder on the computer running Export Utility and DocShuttle called "C:\Convert\Tsp".  (This was the default folder in DocShuttle Version 5)

2.  Change the "Root data folder" in DocShuttle Administrator.  Click "Tools | Settings" and then click the "Advanced" tab.  Click the "Change" button under the "Data Folder" section and select the "C:\Convert\Tsp" folder.  Close and reopen DocShuttle.  New "type" folders will automatically be created within this folder.

3.  Set the folders in the Bytescribe Export Utility.  Click "View | Directories" from the Export Utility menu.  Then set the correct Input and Output directories.  The Input Directories should be mapped to the Dictation System folders (e.g. "C:\Dictation System\Type1").  The Output Directories should be mapped to the data folder created above (e.g. "c:\convert\tsp\type1").

4.  Set the "Scheduled timer on" setting in Export Utility.  Click "View | Options" from the menu.  Set the timer to 5 minutes.

5.  Set the "Schedule uploads" setting in DocShuttle Admin.  Click "Tools | Settings" from the DocShuttle menu.  Set the "Timer Interval" to 5 minutes.

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