How Do I Disable Physical Address Extensions When Installing Orator Software?

1.  Turn off UAC (user account controls) so you will have proper permissions to do the following.  Go to "Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Change User Account Control settings".   Change the setting to "Never Notify".  Then reboot.

2.  Open the Command window.  To do this, click the Start button, then type "CMD" in the "search" area and press Enter.  The command window should open (black DOS-like window).

3.  Type the following:

bcdedit /set nx OptOut  (then press Enter)

bcdedit /set pae ForceDisable  (then press Enter)

4.  Then type "bcdedit" and see if the settings above are shown in the list.

5.  Reboot the computer again and then re-install the Dialogic Drivers.

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