How does someone access the Orator Pro Digital Dictation System? Can a user access the system locally without using external telephone lines?

Access to Orator Pro Digital Dictation System is done by dialing into the system through telephone lines; however, local users do not need external telephone lines. The Orator Pro system is sold as a computer with dictation capabilities. The computer has phone jacks in the back of the computer for each port of the system. Telephone lines are plugged into these phone jacks. If a user is local to the system, he/she may run a telephone line through a little box called a telephone line simulator to keep from paying the phone company for an external line each month. A user may then dial into the system from any touch tone phone. The system will prompt the user to enter a four digit code. Depending on the code, the user is granted access either as a dictator or a transcriptionist. Dictators may then control the functions (record, pause, rewind, complete, etc.) with the keypad of the telephone. Transcriptionists may also access with any touch tone phone, however, they will probably want to use a special phone with a foot pedal (called a transcribe station or a C-phone) that will allow them to control the dictation (play, pause, rewind, fast forward) without taking their hands off the keyboard.

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