Some of the lines (ports) on my Orator Dictation System are not clearing after a caller has hung up.

When a caller hangs up, the Orator Dictation System should receive a "loop current drop" signal on that line (for analog versions of the Orator system).  When the Orator receives this signal, it clears the line and waits for the next call.  If the line is not clearing, it means that it is not receiving the "look current drop" signal.

Some PBX phone systems do not send a "loop current drop" signal on hangup.  Rather they send a rapid busy signal or dial tone on hangup.  The Orator system will automatically try to detect a rapid busy signal and then disconnect the line.  There are optional settings that can be added to the Orator Settings file to work with PBX systems.  The settings are:

PBX=0  (detect 12 rapid busy signals, then disconnect)
PBX=1  (detect 4 rapid busy signals, then disconnect)
PBX=2  (detect dial tone, then disconnect)

If the Orator system is not being used with a PBX phone system, the Orator is simply not getting the "loop current drop" signal in those cases.  There is, however, a "TimeOut" setting that can be added to force the channel to disconnect after a given period of time.  To enable this setting, select "Tools | Settings" from the main Orator menu and select the "Disconnect users after xxx seconds of inactivity" checkbox and set the value for the desired amount of time.

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