My Orator is creating files with duplicate job numbers. What would cause that?

The Orator system should create unique job numbers for each new recorded voice file.  The job number appears on the file name.  The format of the job number is a date followed by a sequence number (e.g. 0701-001 would be the 1st job for date 07/01).

If duplicate job number are appearing in the Dictation Browser window, it may be that a second instance of the Orator Dictation System is running.  Make sure that a different session of Windows has not started by a user that has logged in with a different Windows user account.  This may be the case with Windows servers running Terminal Services.

One way to check if there are multiple instances of the Orator program running is to check the Windows Task Manager.  Open the Task Manager and click the "Processes" tab.  You should see only one instance of "digital.exe".  If you see more than one, you will need to close it and identify how the second instance was started.

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