I registered on the web site and got a Confirmation Code, but when I put it in I get an error message saying “Invalid Code.” Why?

There are three things that might cause you to receive an invalid Confirmation Code.

The first is that you may be using an old Registration Number. The Registration Number and Confirmation Code are different for each computer on which the software is installed. Even if you use the same disk to install the software on different computers, you will get different Registration Numbers. Please make sure that you are using the new Registration Number when registering.

Second, please check to see if there is a hyphen ( - ) somewhere in the Registration Number. If there is, that will affect the Confirmation Code. If the Registration Number contains a hyphen, then so will the Confirmation Code.

The third possibility is that the Registration Number was typed incorrectly. Please double-check the Registration Number that is on your screen and make sure that it exactly matches the number that was entered online.

If you continue to have difficulty registering your software, please call Bytescribe Technical Support at (800) 201-7050.

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