How do I install a new (blue) driverless Dongle Registration Key

  • Unplug all USB devices including the dongle registration key
  • Plug in the blue dongle registration key and wait for Windows to find it.
  • Now open your Bytescribe software. If it opens and doesn't ask for registration information then you are done.
  • If it still asking for registration then follow the next steps:
    • Repeat the above steps trying each of the available USB ports on your computer.
    • Uninstall the Bytescribe software from your computer and then go to to get the latest versions
    • OR
    • Download the following Dongle Driver Install Wizard attached at the end of this FAQ.
    • Save the install wizard to your Desktop or another folder where you can easily access the download
    • If you have previously installed drivers for the dongle you will need to first "Uninstall" those drivers by running the Uninstall option of the Wizard
    • When you have finished Uninstalling any previously installed Dongle Drivers then go back and run the Install Wizard again
    • Here you will select the 1st Option - Keylok III (driverless) and then click "Begin Install"
    • If Windows doesn't find the key when plugged in simply unplug the key and try a different USB port.
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