I have the Dongle inserted, but my software is still asking me to register. What do I do?

1. Make sure that the Dongle is not inserted into the computer.

2. Install the Dongle drivers from the CD or download.
3. Restart your computer.
4. Insert the Dongle into a USB slot on your computer.
5. The Found New Hardware Wizard should appear. Go through it, accepting all defaults.

Second, there may be other USB devices either preventing the drivers from loading properly or preventing Windows from recognizing the Dongle. Remove all other USB devices from your computer, restart it, and then follow the instructions above to reinstall the drivers. Then insert the Dongle and start your software before re-inserting any other USB devices.

Finally, the Dongle you have may not be for the software you are trying to register. For example, if you purchased a WavPlayer license with a Dongle, you cannot use that same Dongle to register DocShuttle Client software (unless you specifically requested that DocShuttle Client be added to the Dongle as well).

If you continue to have difficulty registering your software with your Dongle, please call Bytescribe Technical Support at 800-201-7050.

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