I can't see some/any Olympus files marked New or Stat. Why not?

This is actually caused by two separate, but related, issues.

First, newer versions of DocShuttle have the ability to limit the viewing and processing of files to within a certain number of days. To view and change this setting, open any DocShuttle module, click on the Tools menu and select Settings, and look at the bottom of the FTP tab. There is a box there labeled "Display files newer than" a certain number of days.

By default, DocShuttle will only show and transfer files that were created within the past 120 days. However, this box can go over 10,000 days (or 27 years).

Second, all Olympus recorders come with an internal date set in the handheld unit itself. Recently, we have been seeing recorders with dates set back to 2005 (over two years ago).

So, if the Olympus recorder has an internal date set for over 120 days ago, and if those files with those older dates are loaded into DocShuttle with the viewing set to 120 days or less, then DocShuttle will not display those files.

As a quick fix, you can go into DocShuttle and increase the number of days to 9999. This will display any files created in the past 27 years.

For a longer-term solution, you'll need to fix the date on the Olympus recorder(s). With the handheld recorder docked to the computer, open the DSS Player or DSS Player Pro software. Click on the Downloads menu and select "Tranfer Date/Time". This will put your computer's date and time on the recorder.

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