How is QA (Quality Assurance) done using DocShuttle software?

Many companies require that a document be reviewed or edited for quality assurance (QA) purposes before a final copy is submitted to the facility.  DocShuttle provides a method by which a transcriptionist may send files for QA review.  Both the transcriptionist and the QA review person must be using DocShuttle Transcriptionist.  The QA review person should be granted QA privileges by the administrator.  

Above is a flowchart showing files sent for QA review.  Once a transcriptionist completes and attaches a document, he/she may right-click on the file and select "Mark Attachment for QA" from the popup menu that appears.  An option may be set to automatically mark all files for QA by selecting Tools | Settings from the DocShuttle Client menu and clicking the Local tab.  When the transcriptionist uploads the file back to the FTP site, it will have a status of "Marked for QA" on the FTP site.  A QA review person with proper privileges may then download and edit the file marked for QA.  Once the file has been edited or reviewed, the file will be uploaded back to the FTP site by the QA review person.  It is important that the QA review person does not rename document file name during this process.

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