Can the electronic signature line in DocShuttle or WebShuttle be inserted within the document? Can the font be changed?

By default, DocShuttle inserts the electronic signature line at the end of the Microsoft Word document.  It uses the same font as the text at the end of the document.  To change the font, have the transcriptionist create a template that has the correct font at the end of the document.

DocShuttle version 5.7.8 or later has the ability to insert the signature at a bookmark location.  In order to have the signature line inserted at a specific location in the document, create a bookmark in the Word document and name the bookmark "signature".  For information about creating a bookmark in Microsoft Word, see the Word help documentation.

A bookmark will not work if it is created in the template -- it must be created manually by the transcriptionist in the actual transcribed document.

If the bookmark is created to on top of some text (such as an "x"), the signature line will replace it.  If it is created before the text, it will not replace the text.

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