Some templates that were on my FTP site have disappeared. What happened?

DocShuttle provides the ability to share templates by uploading them to the FTP site and then having other transcriptionists download them.  To view templates on the FTP site, open DocShuttle Transcriptionist, click on the Tools menu, select Settings, then go to the Templates tab and click the Download button.  This will bring up a list of all available templates on the site.

However, if there used to be templates in the list that no longer appear, then most likely it's just a small setting that needs to be fixed.

Open DocShuttle Transcriptionist, click on the Tools menu, and select Settings.  On the Settings window, down at the bottom of the first tab, is a box labeled "Display files newer than XXX days."  In that box, you can enter a certain number of days, and DocShuttle will only display files that are younger than that number. 

The default for this box is "120", which means that DocShuttle will only show files on the FTP site that are younger than 120 days old (this is about 4 months).  This setting applies both to audio files and to templates, so if your templates are older than the 120 days, they won't show up on the Templates list.

Simply change the number in the box to be able to view older files.  Setting it for 365 days will show files up to a year old.  Setting it for 999 days will show files up to almost three years old.  You can actually set it for up to 9999 days (almost 27 years!), even though the fourth digit will not be visible.

Change the number, click OK to close the Settings box, and then reconnect or try to download templates.  They should all be visible.

If not, then it is possible that someone deleted them manually, and you should contact your FTP host for a log to find out when they might have been deleted.

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