I am having problems connecting to the FTP server with my DocShuttle software

First, check to make sure that you have the correct FTP settings.  Click "Tools | Settings" from the DocShuttle menu and verify that you have the correct host address, user name and password for your account.

Secondly, if you cannot connect, click "Tools | Settings" and try the "Enable SSL Compatibility" checkbox.  This setting allows DocShuttle to use different components when connecting to the FTP site.  It also forces "passive mode" which enables it to connect through most firewalls.

Next, if you still have problems connecting, select "Tools | View Log" from the DocShuttle menu.  Scroll to the bottom of the log and see if the log gives a reason for not being able to connect.

Lastly, if you are receiving an error message "11004" this may indicate there is a problem with your internet connection. Open a web browser and try to access If the web page will not load, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or local IT department.

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