How do I upgrade from DocShuttle version 5 to DocShuttle version 6? Is there a cost?

The main difference between DocShuttle version 5 and DocShuttle version 6 is the location where data files are stored.  By default, data files in version 5 were stored in the installation folder (usually "C:\Program Files\Bytescribe\DocShuttle").  In version 6, the data files are stored in the user's Windows "application data" folder.  After upgrading to version 6, your data files may appear to be missing unless you change the data folder settings.

In order to upgrade to version 6, you must uninstall DocShuttle version 5 through the Windows Control Panel "Add/Remove Programs" option.  You can then install version 6 from your CD or download from the Bytescribe web site.

After upgrading, you can change or restore the original data folder by selecting the "Tools | Settings" menu option and then clicking the "Advanced" tab.  There you will see an option to change the "Data folder". 

There is no cost in upgrading if you have a valid product serial number or dongle.  If upgrading on the same PC, it will not prompt to your re-register your product.

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