In DocShuttle, I am getting an error that says "Cannot create file x.tmp". Why?

Whenever DocShuttle uploads or downloads a file, it create a temporary file in the data folder called "x.tmp".  This file gets created and deleted continually.  If you are getting this error, it means that Windows is not allowing this file to be created.  Here are some things to try.

  • Make sure you have full permission to the data folder to read/write to files.
  • Try looking in the data folder for this file.  If it is there, try deleting it.  In version 6 of DocShuttle, the data folder can be located by selecting "Tools | Settings" from the menu and then clicking the "Advanced" tab and then clicking the "View" button under the "Data Folder" section.
  • Try checking the "Enable SSL Compatibility" checkbox in the Settings.  The affect the way that DocShuttle connects and transfers files.
  • Try closing and reopening the DocShuttle program.
  • Try rebooting the computer.
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