System Restore Point: When to use?

Many of our customers are unfamiliar with how a System Restore Point works, and how useful it can be when trying to correct problems with software on their computer.  A system restore point is basically a snapshot of your computer settings/versions at a specific time in the past.  Most computers are set to create these restore points periodically (daily, weekly, etc.).  When you revert to a previously saved system restore point, all settings are changed back to how they were at the restore point*. This includes updates to software, settings changes, firewall changes, etc., that often cause connection problems with DocShuttle.  * However, reverting to a previous system restore point DOES NOT erase any data, such as documents or audio files, that was saved or edited on your computer, it simply changes the versions/settings of your software.  

If you have trouble connecting to your FTP site in DocShuttle or opening your software after running Windows or other software updates, we recommend trying to restore your computer to a previous point when everything was working correctly.  You can find the Restore Point feature in the System Tools folder in the Start | Accessories folder.

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