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Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal healthcare law established August 21, 1996 to promote standardization and efficiency in the health care industry and to provide confidentiality protections for processed health data in accordance with the new standards. HIPAA healthcare laws directly affect health insurance providers, healthcare clearinghouses, and healthcare providers. The law indirectly affects the business associates of the aforementioned entities. HIPAA was enforced beginning April 15, 2003.  To read how HIPAA will affect transcription companies and healthcare providers, click the links below.


 Impact of HIPAA on Transcription Companies and other “Business Associates” 
 Impact of HIPAA on Healthcare Providers and Groups


Bytescribe is committed to providing products that offer optimal security in a HIPAA compliant environment.  Bytescribe has evaluated and tested software products and services to ensure support for HIPAA compliance.  Bytescribe strives to be knowledgeable regarding HIPAA rules and regulations and to make every effort to add adequate security functionality to its products.


Below are current guidelines to using Bytescribe products in a HIPAA compliant environment. 


Securing Orator Dictation Server


In order to properly secure the Orator Dictation System, some steps may need to be taken to provide optimal security.  Below are listed some basic guidelines:


  1. Locate the server in a secure place.  If possible, locate the server in a room that is only accessible to administrators and persons with proper permissions.  
  2. Password protect the server.  Utilize Windows password protected screen saver function.  Set the screen saver to activate within a suitable time limit. 
  3. If exporting voice files via the Internet or LAN, properly secure servers to which files may be exported.  When exporting files via the Internet, use software that will encrypt files during transfer.


Security with DocShuttle Management Software


  1. Enable the encryption functionality when uploading voice files to an FTP site.
  2. Use secure FTP ports 990 or 2500 when supported by the FTP server.
  3. The Administrator should limit access for transcriptionists to only job types assigned to the transcriptionists.


To ensure overall security, review the Security Guidelines of Administrative Simplification.

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