In Windows 10, I'm getting error messages about not being able to see, access, or make changes to files.

There is a Windows 10 setting called User Account Control (UAC) that causes problems in DocShuttle. UAC causes files to be hidden in some remote folders where DocShuttle can't see them properly, rather than in the standard DocShuttle folders.

Files may appear in the main DocShuttle window itself, but the files will not be accessible when you try to open, access, or change them within DocShuttle. Various error messages will appear when trying to use the files.

To resolve this issue, you will need to turn User Account Control off. Here is how: 

Click Start button and select Control Panel.  When the Control Panel window opens, click on the item named User Accounts (if you see User Accounts and Family Safety instead, click on that, then click on the User Accounts link in the next window).

Once in the User Accounts window, click on the link near the end of the list that says Turn User Account Control On or Off.  That will take you to the UAC page, which has a single check box in it.  Click in that box to uncheck and turn off UAC.  Then click the OK button and restart your computer.

After doing this, open DocShuttle and check to see if the files you have already downloaded are still there (sometimes they are, sometimes they aren't).  If the files are not in DocShuttle, you will need to re-download them.

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