Errors in File Length when Playing DSS Files

There is a know issue with WavPlayer 5.0 or later misreporting the length of .dss files after upgrading to Windows MediaPlayer 10.  There are two work-around solutions.

Issue:  Users running WavPlayer Version 5.0 or later and running Windows MediaPlayer 10 experience a problem with file times being misreported when playing Olympus .dss files.  All files appear to have the same file length. 

Resolution 1:  WavPlayer uses components of Windows MediaPlayer.  MediaPlayer 10 components can misreport the file length of files converted from .dss format.  One solution is to go into the WavPlayer installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\Bytescribe\WavPlayer4) and use a variation of the WavPlayer that does not use MediaPlayer components.  Find and double-click on the WP5.exe file located in the installation folder and use this program. 

Resolution 2:  WavPlayer.exe uses components of MediaPlayer.  The issue is that WavPlayer always converts .dss file to a file named “c:\tmp.wav”.  MediaPlayer adds this file to a “Play List” and remember all settings for this file (including file size and length).  Each time WavPlayer overwrites “c:\tmp.wav”, MediaPlayer still remembers the old settings.  So all files thereafter appear to have the same file length.  

The solution is to go into the MediaPlayer settings. 


 On the Player tab, uncheck the box for “Add music file to library when played”


 Then remove the file from the Play List.  Click File | New Now Playing List.


If “tmp.wav” or “tmp” appears, remove it from the list by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Delete”


The close MediaPlayer and restart WavPlayer

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