My USB foot pedal will not work with WavPlayer.

If you are having trouble getting your foot pedal to work, you will need to check and make sure your foot pedal is compatible with Bytescribe WavPlayer.  Refer to this FAQ article to check for compatibility. 

If your foot pedal is compatible with WavPlayer software and is still not working, try switching USB ports.  In most cases, simply switching to a USB port in the back of the tower or on the opposite side of your laptop will resolve the issue.  You will have to close the software and reopen it once you have switched USB ports for it to operate correctly.

Additionally, please make sure to plug the USB foot pedal directly into a USB port on your computer (laptop or desktop). If possible, do not use a USB hub.

For best results, follow the sequence below:
1. Close WavPlayer.
2. Unplug all USB devices including the foot pedal.
3. Plug in the USB foot pedal and wait for Windows to find it.
4. Open WavPlayer and go to the Ports menu the see if the USB option appears and is checked. If so, WavPlayer is recognizing the foot pedal.
5. Plug in other USB devices.

If the computer is not recognizing the foot pedal, close WavPlayer try another USB port. Continue until all USB ports have been tested.

Additionally, if the above steps have been unsuccessful, remove all USB devices from your computer and restart it. Then insert the USB foot pedal and open WavPlayer before re-inserting any other USB devices.

Lastly, if you are still having issues, we would recommend trying the foot pedal on another computer or trying another foot pedal on your current computer. If these tests are unsuccessful, you may need to purchase a new foot pedal at

Please note that the USB foot pedal is not compatible with WavPlayer Lite. To purchase the full version of WavPlayer, or download a 14-day trial, go to 

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