I'm getting a Floating Point error when playing files in the WavPlayer

First, the computer “Invalid Floating Point Operation” error message may occur because some viruses disguise as some legitimate system files, so the system cannot find the original file when start up. We would advise, if you aren't already, to run an antivirus anti-spyware program to thoroughly scan and remove all PC threats. Directly do it now and you can boot up the computer & use it correctly all the time!

Also, another potential cause for this error is computer registry errors. Every operating system has a registry to hold an amazing amount of information about your computer; however, it can be filled with residual or damaged data, bad files, incompletely uninstallation of some old programs, or mistakes in recently installed programs. A corrupted or full-of-error registry database is also one major cause of the “Invalid Floating Point Operation” error.

The Bytescribe WavPlayer uses parts of Windows Media Player to play certain files. If an error message or some other message is appearing in Windows Media Player, then this can cause a Floating Point error in the WavPlayer. There are a couple of ways to fix it.

First, open Windows Media Player, leave it open for a minute or two, and watch for any popup boxes. These boxes could be asking for information, notifying you of an update, or warning you about an error.

If a box does pop up, do whatever is necessary to deal with the issue permanently (hitting "Remind me later" won't work). When this is done, try opening WavPlayer and playing a file.

Second, if you never get a popup box in Windows Media Player, or if the first instructions don't resolve the problem, then close Windows Media Player and the WavPlayer. Go to C:\Program Files\Bytescribe\WavPlayer\ and open the "WP6" program, then try playing your files in that.

This is a slightly different version of the WavPlayer that doesn't use Windows Media Player components. If this WP6 program works, please change the names of the following files in the WavPlayer folder:

Change "WavPlayer.exe" to "WavPlayer.exe.old" (below). Then, change "WP6.exe" to "WavPlayer.exe"

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