The license cannot be identified. Please install required DLLs or purchase a license.


If you get the following message when opening WavPlayer or cannot play *.ds2 or *.dss files, see the steps below.

The reason you are getting this error is because you recently uninstalled some Olympus software.  The Olympus software replaces a file that WavPlayer uses called "dsscore.dll". When Olympus is uninstalled, the replaced file cannot detect the Olympus software and displays the error message.

Check the following folders on your computer and see if you are missing the dsscore.dll file.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Bytescribe\WavPlayer

If you are missing the "dsscore.dll" file, go to (or simply click the dsscore.dll attachment at the bottom of this page), and open the folder which contains the file.

If you get the following message, click "Keep".

Then, click the ​ to the right of the dsscore.dll name below and select "Show in folder". 

After you click "Show in folder", it should appear in your ​"Downloads" folder on your computer. Simply right-click on the file name and select "Copy".


Then, go to each of the following folders separately and right-click anywhere within the folder and select "Paste".

C:\Program Files (x86)\Bytescribe\WavPlayer

Lastly, open WavPlayer and the message should disappear.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please email us at or call (844) 292-4252.

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