DocShuttle Not Showing Recent Documents

If you are not seeing "new" files in the upper pane (FTP files) of DocShuttle, make sure the files are sorted by the "Date Modified" column (in descending order) rather than by "Job".

The image below shows files are sorted in descending order by the "Job" column. You will notice the down black triangle to the left of the word "Job". This indicates "descending order" (newest to oldest or largest to smallest). An up black triangle would indicate "ascending order" (oldest to newest or smallest to largest).

Therefore, if sorting the "Job" column in "descending order" (largest to smallest) as shown above, when the job numbers change months after a "New Year" from December (12) to January (01), the January (01) files move to the bottom of the "Job" column (rather than stay at the top).

To correct this, simply left-mouse-click on the "Date Modified" column twice until you see the down black triangle to the left of the word "Date Modified". You will now see the files sorted by "Date Modified" in "descending order" (newest to oldest) as shown below.

To prevent this from happening again in future "new years", you may wish to forward this FAQ (frequently asked questions) to all other DocShuttle users (i.e. Administrator, Dictator, Transcriptionist) as a reference.

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